Beth is an absolute wreck. She is certain that she has some kind of disease—a fatal one, most likely. She is also very single and quite keen on her colleague, Dr Brendan Roberts. He seems to fancy her, too—well, until The Morning After. Beth knows it’s time to sort out her messy life, but she has no idea where to start. 

Enter Shane—a slightly dishevelled forklift driver. He may not be suave or wealthy, but he does laugh at Beth’s jokes and remember how she likes her coffee. Plus, the more they hang out, the healthier she feels. But when Shane suddenly cuts off all communication, Beth starts to think there’s no such thing as The One, and she decides to stop being slapdash and move on. Only life is never that simple, and Beth must take a chance if she hopes to find the cure to her ills. 

Lovesick is a light-hearted romance about getting sick, getting better and taking risks.

Brio Books - XO Romance imprint  

ISBN 9781925143539

RRP $29.99  



Awarded third prize in the Boroondara Literary Award 

November 2019


Highly commended in the Society of Women Writers NSW National Writing Competition

November 2019

Modern Pedagogical Theory

Shortlisted in the Lane Cove Literary Awards

November 2019

Damaged Sole

Awarded third prize in the AlburyCity Short Story Award

September 2019


Awarded first prize in the Estelle Pinney Short Story Competition

September 2019


Winner of the 2018 Lane Cove Literary Award

November 2018

Such a Plain Girl

Commended in the Estelle Pinney Writing Competition

September 2018

Suffering is Universal

Awarded third prize in the Newcastle Short Story Award (Open Section)

April 2018

Important, Sentimental & Rubbish 

Winner of the Boroondara Literary Award

November 2017

Suffering is Universal

Shortlisted in the Rachel Funari Prize

May 2017

Charlie and Keith

Shortlisted in the Elyne Mitchell Writing Award



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